The Dugas Caraquette oyster is sold all over Canada and the United States.  You can enjoy its prolific flavor in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver as well as North Kingston, Boston and Chicago, USA.  La Ferme Ostreicole Dugas Ltée also hopes to expand its markets within Canada and the United States as well as creating new markets in Europe and Asia. 

How to buy

Contact us via email at [email protected] with your name, adress, quantity, and any other question. We will answer you with a shipping quote.

Un emballage qui garde au frais!

In order to make it safely to you while maintaining the freshness of our product, we ship our oysters by placing them in a plastic bag with an ice pack and then in our famous wooden boxes. These are then placed in a styrofoam cooler (that you can reuse) and finally the entire package is put in a recyclable cardboard box and shipped directly to the address of your choice (within Canada).

COVID-19 safety measures

La Ferme Ostreicole Dugas Ltée has established a sustainable plan to limit the spread of COVID-19.  They have limited access to their workplace to a limited number of employees only; no visitors are allowed in the factory.  
Although sanitary protocols were already an integral part of our quality control measures, with the arrival of COVID-19, new and more rigorous measures are now in place; always in compliance with the Canadian Food Inspection agency.